Kid later discovered how Killer was escorted to the prisoner mines. He tried to attack the escort, only to be subdued and recaptured. After returning to prison, Kid asked Killer about what Kaidou had done to him and the fate of his crew, but Killer couldn`t answer with his laughter and tears. Queen subjected them both to water torture and threatened to keep them underwater until Luffy and Hyogoro died in sumo hell. [29] While Big Mom Queen was swaying, the child and killer were saved from drowning when Queen crashed into the aircraft holding her and knocked her out of the water. [68] Eustass Kid appears as a rude, vicious, bloodthirsty pirate known to cause a large number of civilian casualties. Whenever he feels ridiculed or insulted, even by a look, he quickly resorts to violence. [1] In fact, Kid can be so violent that he immediately sees the decision not to kill someone in his immediate vicinity as an act of gratitude. He also seems cruel even when unprovoked, crucifying another crew of pirates defeated simply because he thought they were too weak to travel the New World.[16] [17] Overall, Kid is very temperamental and has little patience with someone who gets in his way, although he is able to control his anger in certain situations. [18] It is also repeatedly suggested that Kid is not as bad as his vulgar and ruthless nature suggests. Some time later, Kid and the others were alerted by an earthquake. Kid ordered his men to drop their guns and approached to investigate. The source of the tumult was a large crater on the ground in the shape of a human.

Kid was furious and demanded an answer as to who was behind the incident. It was responded to by another explosion in the direction of the crater. It later turned out that the man who caused the explosion was Kaidou. Around this time, Kid, Killer and Hawkins discovered that Apoo was already working for Kaidou to establish him as his subordinates. As Hawkins joined Kaidou, the kid and killer refused to submit to the Emperor and tried to fight him to be defeated. Not much is known about Kid`s early life, except that he is from South Blue and has known Killer since childhood.[12] When they were children, they ate udon curry with their first love, Shiruton Doruyanaika. They laughed when she spilled curry broth on herself while eating, forcing him to beat her. This has led to udon curry becoming their least favorite food. [31] It`s not hard to see that Luffy and Kid will eventually team up in the fight against Kaido.

Although her alliance is probably temporary, she will always play an important role in eliminating Yonko Kaido, just like Ruffy`s alliance with Trafalgar Law. When Kid reached the second floor, he noticed that some of Kaidou`s grunts were informing each other of Big Mom`s location and heading towards the riot. [86] Kid finally found Big Mom when she tried to overthrow Nami, Usopp, and Tama using her Punk Gibson technique to block Big Mom`s sword and then knock her to the ground. Kid told the Straw Hats to leave Big Mom with her while she recovered from the attack. [47] When Kid was fighting Big Mom, Bao Huang announced that Luffy had died against Kaidou. Kid expresses his indifference to Ruffy`s fate,[34] but smiles when Momonosuke confirms otherwise in his own announcement. Soon after, Law visited the site of Kid`s fight with Big Mom and proposed a temporary alliance with Kid to keep the Emperor together. During the fight, Kid was abandoned when he suddenly suffered injuries and felt pain, thanks to Hawkins` interference (the killer fought on the floor above and used Kid`s life to protect himself), allowing Big Mom to take advantage of the situation and bring Kid down. [88] [89] Killer eventually defeated Hawkins, breaking the ties between Hawkins and Kid, who was ready to try Big Mom again. [90] Kid apparently doesn`t take Buggy seriously as emperor, implying that he has no respect for the pirate clown. Kid even admitted that Buggy`s idea as emperor was worse for him than Ruffy, who had the same status, although he seemed entertained by the idea behind the Guild of the Cross and his ability to spend bounties on the Marines.

After defeating the Marines, the Kid Pirates were on their way to leave the island when, shortly after, Kid and his crew were confronted by what they believed to be the Sea Warlord Bartholomew Kuma (who later turned out to be Pacifista).[38] He surprised both Kid and the pirates when he fired a laser from his mouth that hit Kid`s left leg. Law and his crew also met them on their escape, and although Kid Law told him to stay behind (again responded with Law`s earlier threat), they were both preparing to fight the pacifistas. [59] Kid and his crew then ventured deeper into the mangroves and entered the human auction house. While waiting for the auction to begin, Kid made a series of remarks about his crew, claiming that the nobles of the world make human pirates look comparative, and lamenting the twisted nature of the world order before realizing that he could actually participate in the slave auction. Later, Kid spotted Trafalgar Law, who was already seated for the auction, and was eliminated by the pirate doctor. When the auction began, Kid noticed that some members of the Straw Hat Pirates were arriving and was disappointed to find that the captain was not with them at the time, noting that he wanted to see how silly and crazy Monkey D. Luffy was supposed to be, as described in the newspapers.[18] Kid turns out to be quite cynical about world government. He is not blind to how the nobles of the world act, noting that compared to them, pirates are almost human and honest about their mistakes, unlike nobles who justify their abuse of power by descent. After Camie was sold to Charlos at the human auction house, Kid stated that the whole affair was a «farce»[25] and also took a similar position on broadcasting the war to the Marineford summit, calling it a «masquerade».[18] [26] Because of this, he felt amusement and catharsis when the noble Charlos was knocked down by an angry Luffy.

On the day of the Fire Festival, the Kid Pirates joined the Straw Hats and the Pirates of the Heart to fight the ships of the Beast Pirates in the port of Tokage.[27] .