When we say that a theory «collapses» under certain conditions, it means that its approximations of the expected behavior under these conditions are sufficiently different from the actual behavior to become useless for predictions. For example, knowing that a certain mass of H2O fills a certain volume at a pressure of an atmosphere when the temperature is 1400K, Charless` law would estimate that reducing the temperature to 700K would reduce the volume by half, and this estimate would be quite accurate. It is also estimated that reducing the temperature to 350K would again halve the volume, but this estimate would deviate by several orders of magnitude (the volume would decrease much more if the temperature dropped below 373.15K and the H2O condensed). During his vacation in Pasadena, Page found that both groups had missed an important point. The mystery was not only what happens at the end of the black hole`s life, but also what leads to it. To begin with, what are the possible forms? For Hawking, this meant all topologies. Space-time could be knotted into shapes resembling donuts or pretzels. The additional connectivity creates tunnels or «wormholes» between otherwise distant places and times. These come in different types. According to the logic of this duality, if you have a black hole en masse, it has a simulacrum at the limit.

Since the boundary is determined by quantum physics without the complications of gravity, it clearly preserves information. The same goes for the black hole. Suddenly, that changed. A quantum extremal surface suddenly materialized directly into the black hole`s horizon. Initially, this interface had no effect on the rest of the system. But eventually, it became the decisive factor of entropy, leading to a decline. Researchers compare it to a transition like cooking or freezing. «We see this as a phase change analogous to thermodynamic phases — between gas and liquid,» Engelhardt said.

Another version of the rest scenario assumes that once the laws of quantum gravity take over, the Hawking radiation will no longer be thermal and the radiation encoding all the missing information will be immediately released into spacetime. Once you reach or exceed the event horizon, the force needed to prevent you from falling towards the singularity at the center of the black hole becomes infinite. The future trajectory of an object in the event horizon reaches the singularity in a finite period of time. So we can be sure that everything in the event horizon of a black hole is not a very dense sphere, because no force could ever be strong enough to support such a sphere. Dr Kinsler added: «Although people often say that `physics collapses`, we show here that although exotic phenomena can occur, what actually happens is still limited by the still-functional laws of physics around the singularity.» Physics disintegrates as a classical phenomenon Some experts have said that we need to start at the temperature of absolute zero to come up with ideas to deal with physical collapse. The most modern standard example is therefore superconductivity and superconductivity. Physics is already disintegrating in Hill`s three-part problem, even if they are classical. Only in certain situations can the problem be calculated from the point of view of predictive physics. KWONG: Don`t worry if you`re confused. Today in the series, we`re going to give you some opportunities to finally understand what damn black holes really are. We will take a breathtaking journey through a black hole to a place where the laws of physics are collapsing beyond the point of no return. Buckle up.

It`s going to be great. KWONG: . In our galaxy. How does this black hole interact with us, if any? NATARAJAN: That`s right. So you leave behind a remaining black hole. One way to think about a black hole is to think of this very dense object left behind after a massive star has lived its life. The authors of the new studies deny this. They found additional semi-classical effects – new gravitational configurations that Einstein`s theory allows, but that Hawking did not include. Initially dampened, these effects dominate as the black hole becomes extremely old. The hole transforms from a hermit kingdom into a vigorously open system. Not only is information disseminated, but everything that falls into it is regurgitated almost instantaneously. The revised semiclassical theory has yet to explain exactly how the information comes out, but the pace of discovery over the past two years has been so rapid that theorists already have clues about the escape mechanism.

Of course, we have no reason to believe that the universe «ends» on this scale.